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Hello world!

Quarrio is not really about programmers…or analysts…we cater to business users, but in a wink and a nod to our programming friends, we thought we would start with the old “hello world.”

Nearly three years ago today two executives from the Business Intelligence world asked themselves some hard questions. Why did BI users have such a hard time with analytics and reporting products?

Why was abandonment rate so high? Why was it, that nearly four decades after BI was first invented, did almost 75% of its users still abandon their systems after only 12 months of use? What was so hard about BI?

After speaking with more than 128 users, countless “experts” and analysts, The answers were both depressing and inspiring. It turns out, business users just don’t have time for business intelligence products, they just don’t want to learn to use them.  It turns out that asking business users to “learn” business intelligence is a bit like asking your mom to become a mechanic…it’s just not going to happen.

In the very near future we will be discussing more about Quarrio, our approach to BI and why we feel we are at the verge of a truly break-through approach to analytics. But for the time being…


Hello World!