About Quarrio

Do you want to help us change the world of data and Business Intelligence? Whether it’s to use our software or to work for us, get in touch! Let’s change the world together.

The Quarrio Team

  • The former Global Head of R&D for IBM (also founder of the Watson Group)
  • Former Assoc. Director of Stanford Research Institute's AI Labs, co-founder of Symantec, co-founder of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence
  • The woman who created the web search and AI groups for both PayPal and Salesforce
  • The person who created & managed the digital economy for Linden Labs' Second Life
  • Leading the team is a serial entrepreneur with a global track record (recognized by the United Nations as Entrepreneur of the Year)

Leadership Team


KG Charles-Harris


  • United Nations Entrepreneur of the Year, 2000
  • Founded, scaled and sold several startups
  • Former investment banker

Nicholas Aretakis

Chief Revenue Officer

  • Seasoned Sales, Marketing and Business Development Executive
  • Start-up leader with multiple IPO exits driving $250M+ annual revenue in under 3 years
  • Technology veteran adept at building global distribution channels

Dr. Earl Sacerdoti

Chief Scientist

  • Co-founder, Symantec
  • Co-founder, American Association for Artificial Intelligence
  • Assoc. Dir. Artificial Intelligence @ Stanford Research Institute

James E Cates

EVP, Technology & Architecture

  • IBM Global Head of R&D (fmr)
  • Founder of Watson Group
  • CIO (fmr) SGI, Altera, Synopsys

Robert D. Schneider

VP Services & Partners

  • Initiated and grew sales engineering and services organizations
  • Specialist in RDBMS and NoSQL
  • Author of eight books on database design & optimization

Board / Advisors


Walter Paliska

  • VP of Marketing at EMANIO
  • 6 Startups, 3 successful exits
  • Led award-winning product teams

Susan Kimberlin

  • Salesforce.com Head of Search Technology
  • PayPal Head of Search Technology
  • Investor/Advisor @ multiple startups

Erin Rand

  • COO @ ServiceRocket
  • Expert at scaling high growth tech companies
  • Advisor to several startups

Christopher Colosi

  • Expert in digital currencies & economies
  • Created & managed Linden Labs Second Life economy
  • Founder of Gloe

David Garnett

  • Founder of iAM Solutions, a business and idea accelerator company
  • Fmr. SVP of Xerox Global Accounts, responsible for delivering 37% of global revenue
  • Expert at creating strategic go to market models