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Quarrio Selected for Unreasonable FUTURE, Annual Initiative to Help Redesign Workplaces of Tomorrow

Quarrio will join 14 additional ventures from around the world in a multi-year collaboration to help align the future of work with social equity.

Berkeley, CA, Monday, September 28, 2020 - After a rigorous selection process involving hundreds of companies across the globe, Quarrio has been selected to join 14 growth-stage ventures in the second Unreasonable FUTURE program. Unreasonable FUTURE is a unique multi-year collaboration between Fossil Foundation, Pearson, Accenture and Unreasonable Group, bringing together disruptive innovators and entrepreneurs to design a future in which people and technology work side-by-side to solve workplace challenges and unlock human potential everywhere.

The second annual cohort of ventures will include companies creating the future of learning and upskilling, so underserved youth and those whose jobs are being replaced by technology will find pathways to new opportunities in the digital era. The portfolio also includes entrepreneurs using disruptive technologies to maximize human potential in the workplace of tomorrow. By bringing them together, the goal is to rewrite the narrative of what it means for all humans to thrive in a new, more equitable economy.

Quarrio democratizes access to information from complex database sources by allowing users to turn data into useful information simply by asking a question in plain English. Quarrio leverages the power of advanced AI to translate human language into machine language, to compute accurate answers instantly, auto visualize answers as applicable and enhance information and knowledge management for organizations. Organizations across the globe, including multi-nationals, governments and NGOs such as the United Nations, are engaging with Quarrio.

“The pandemic has forced enterprises to fundamentally change the way they do business, accelerating existing trends in remote working, fast-tracking the adoption of AI and changing the employer-employee relationship. This combined with the recent social disruptions, demanding for amongst other things a more equitable diverse workforce, are issues which need to be addressed more urgently than ever before.” Daniel Epstein, founder and CEO of Unreasonable Group said. “Unreasonable FUTURE is bringing together a hand-picked portfolio of entrepreneurs leveraging advanced technologies to ensure future generations thrive in the new economy. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to support these outstanding ventures to help design a future that will work for everyone.”

"I am thrilled to be selected as a Fellow for Unreasonable Futures and look forward to interchanging ideas with some of the leading global disruptors in tech & science, and supporting Unreasonable in their mission," says KG Charles-Harris, CEO of Quarrio. "My vision for our fast-changing and complex world is that we as organizations and societies make better decisions. Improved decisions start with improved access to good information — this is what Quarrio does best. I look forward to working with my Fellows and mentors to actualize this vision and collaborating to build a better future."

A full list of ventures, mentors, and specialists participating in Unreasonable FUTURE, as well as additional details about the partnership and program can be found here.

Unreasonable Group

Unreasonable envisions a world in which the most valuable and influential companies are those solving humanity’s most pressing challenges. Through running worldwide immersive programs for growthstage entrepreneurs, unique partnerships with multinationals, a globally-oriented private equity fund, an extensive international community of serial business leaders as mentors, and advanced storytelling and media activities, Unreasonable is designed to exclusively support entrepreneurs positioned to bend history in the right direction. Currently, Unreasonable works with 162 entrepreneurs who support the jobs of more than 170,000 people and who are actively impacting the lives of over 260 million individuals across more than 180 countries. They have raised over $2.3 billion dollars in funding and generated more than $1.8 billion in revenue. For more, visit


Quarrio represents a new, innovative way of interacting with machines. Today, companies waste money, time, and resources by having to wait, create and re-create the same sales reports, data sheets, and performance charts. Quarrio enables non-technical personnel to directly ask questions of data sources via voice or text, and the system searches for the data, computes and visualizes it instantly. Follow-up questions can then be asked if users seek additional information. This interaction with computers allows users without a background in data structures and complex user interfaces to leverage the power of plain language, producing rapid and accurate answers.

From massive database management tools such as Salesforce to Smart City IoT applications, Quarrio’s revolutionary intelligent agent uses the power of Conversational Analytics™ to help users get information for improved decision-making. Founded in 2013, Quarrio is core to digital transformation and changes how users derive value and meaning from data by using the power of language. Learn more at

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