Your sales acceleration platform

From research to product demos to contracts, Quarrio is at the heart of making sales happen faster.




Uncover the value of your CRM

Quarrio is for everyone in your organization, from the CEO to your SDRs. Quarrio helps you uncover the value of the data in your CRM by letting you ask questions and engage in Conversations. Get to the bottom of what matters – in seconds.

How Quarrio can help sales:

Salesforce searches in seconds

quarrio “Show me all customers within 300 miles of Chicago”
quarrio “which ones have not bought anything in six months?”
quarrio “Which ones have open cases”


Streamline your sales process

Focus on habits that result in success. Ask questions about sales rep processes, uncover opportunities that need help, create more predictable forecasts by getting to the bottom of what’s working.

How Quarrio can help managers:

quarrio “Show me opportunities that have not been called in the past three weeks”
quarrio “Which opportunities closing this month have open cases?”
quarrio “Show me calls by sales rep with date and customer for the past week”




Help sales teams thrive

Foster greater collaboration and drive greater awareness for team wins. Quarrio lets you ask questions that help you uncover how the deals were won and share the results.

How Quarrio can help teams:

quarrio “Show me sales by sales rep for last quarter with total amount”
quarrio “Which ones were over quota for the quarter?”
quarrio “Share with @salesteam”


Better communication, happier customers

Wow! You’ve won that big deal. Now make sure your customers are getting the attention they deserve. Quarrio lets you go beyond the numbers to get to the bottom of communications happening with clients so your company can keep its finger on the pulse.

How Quarrio can help customers:

quarrio “Show me new clients we closed last month”
quarrio “Which ones have been called in the last week”
quarrio “How long was each average phone call?”


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