Empower Smart City consumers

From getting answers from local government to getting to the bottom of their utility bill, Quarrio helps Smart City consumers do more.




Empower citizens with access to data

Quarrio gives Smart City constituents the freedom of knowledge. Move beyond simple “smart meter” reports and give consumers full access to the terabytes of data collected by your city to make life better.

How Quarrio can help citizens:

quarrio “What day has the most average traffic on my way to work?”
quarrio “How does my electricity usage compare to people like me?”
quarrio “What is the average response time for emergency services this month?”


Go beyond smart meters

Quarrio empowers intelligent resource management by giving consumers and planners access to data in a simple, intuitive and user-friendly manner.

How Quarrio can help optimize resources:

quarrio “What was our average police response time last month?”
quarrio “Show me all incidents that took longer than that?”
quarrio “Which of those incidents involved more than one officer responding?”




Give consumers the power of fast decisions

Quarrio gives Smart City constituents the power to make informed decisions in seconds. Ask questions about product availability, delivery times and cost.

How Quarrio can help citizens:

quarrio “Show me local stores with Milk in stock with price per gallon”
quarrio “Which of those are within 1 mile of my house?”
quarrio “How long would it take me to get there right now?”

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