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Where intuition meets data


Making Quota,
is suddenly easier.

What opportunities have not
been called this week?

Understanding what’s happening in Salesforce is power,
with Quarrio™ you can just ask, yes…we said ask.

Sales analytics re-invented

Sales Analytics

What we do is Business Intelligence for Salesforce. How we do it is quite a bit different. With Quarrio we make it simple to analyze Salesforce by using conversations. We help you understand what’s happening to your opportunities, leads, accounts – just about anything in Salesforce — by simply having conversations.

No reports, no administrators, no mess, just ask questions and get answers with the requisite KPIs, charts and tables as needed. Quarrio is Business Intelligence evolved.

Got questions? just ask!

Knowledge is power. You close deals quickly when vital information is at your fingertips. Quarrio lets you get anything you need from Salesforce by simply “asking” – in plain English.

No training required, you’ve known how to use Quarrio since you were in fifth grade.

It talks back to you

Quarrio is more than just questions and answers. In seconds, you find stalled deals, identify key clients, spot trends – anything – without worrying about reports, filters or tables.

Do you really want to play analyst?
Or just crush your quota?

Get started in seconds

How long did your last BI deployment last? How does about a minute sound? That’s right, sign up, sign in, and sixty seconds later you are off to the races…

Are you still waiting for that custom Salesforce report? Really?

This is just the beginning

There is a whole lot more coming. Quarrio is currently operating in quiet mode, but we are eager to talk to you. We are working with a select group of clients and are growing our list every day. Do you want to help us change the world of analytics? Just click on the sign up button and let us know that you’re interested. We’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

Award winning

…before it’s even out of the box

2014 Nextgen™ overall award winner
2014 Nextgen most disruptive winner.

 In July of 2014 the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) presented its “NextGen” awards for Big Data. SIIA chose to bestow the “Most Disruptive,” and the “Overall Winner” awards to Quarrio Corporation even though at the time our product was not yet available, and we had not yet raised a single round of funding.

Because, in the words of one of the judges, Quarrio provided “… great technology that allows users to move away from confusing dashboards…”

Who we are

Our leadership team

We are moving beyond “pretty pictures” and completely re-thinking how Business Intelligence and reporting should work and how it should look.  We understand that business users don’t want to be analysts and report writers, you just want answers.

The list of people who want to try our software is spilling over, and our need for talent is greater than ever.  Do you want to help us change the world of data and Business Intelligence?  Whether it’s to use our software, or to work for us, get in touch! Let’s change the World together.

KG Charles Harris

KG Charles-Harris

CEO & Founder

KG has founded, built and sold several companies in the high technology, biotechnology and services industries. He was named Global Entrepreneur of the Year by the United Nations for international work in the nexus of innovation, technology, business and government between developing and industrialized societies. He is a board member and advisor to several companies and economic development initiatives, and a passionate advocate for education and social equity.

Earl Sacerdoti

Earl Sacerdoti

Interim CTO

Earl is a former Professor at Stanford University, specializing in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. He created the first commercial natural language interface to databases at SRI, where he was Director of Artificial Intelligence and co-founded Symantec. Dr. Sacerdoti is widely considered as one of the pioneers of NLP. He is also the co-founder of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence and is a renowned expert on software patents and an expert witness in court cases around these matters.

Walter Paliska

Walter Paliska

VP of Marketing

Walter has over 25 years of experience in enterprise sales and marketing. He has been in 6 startups, including 3 bootstrap startups and has ben part of 3 successful exits. Walter also has worked in senior roles at Logitech as well as Phoenix Technologies and Maxtor corp. Walter’s experience includes nearly a decade in international sales and marketing and has managed the development of award-winning products, including a TV-based app store concept in 1999.

Our advisors

We stand on the shoulders of giants

Wise men don’t need advice. Fools won’t take it.Benjamin Franklin

At Quarrio we know that even the best people can’t do it alone. That’s why we’ve reached out to some of the best in the industry, and are fortunate to have them by our side:

Earl Sacerdoti

Earl Sacerdoti

Earl is a former Professor at Stanford University, specializing in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. He created the first commercial natural language interface to databases at SRI, where he was Director of Artificial Intelligence and co-founded Symantec. Dr. Sacerdoti is widely considered as one of the pioneers of NLP. He is also the co-founder of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence and is a renowned expert on software patents and an expert witness in court cases around these matters.

Jim Cates

Jim Cates

The former Corporate Director in charge of Information, Strategy, Architecture and Technology at IBM, and CIO of Brocade, Altera and Synopsys, Jim was a leader on the team that started the project that eventually spawned IBM’s “Watson” technology. Jim is the creator of the LOBI framework for the planning and execution of enterprise planning and architecture in the field of business intelligence.

Susan Kimberlin

Susan Kimberlin

As former Director of Product Management for Search Technology at, and before that at PayPal, Susan is intimately familiar with the technology landscape of search, semantic technologies, analytics and CRM. Susan was also in charge of evaluating search and semantic technology start-ups and mid-sized companies for investment, partnership, vendor, or acquisition relationships by Salesforce.

Join Us

Our team is strong…& growing…

We are fortunate to have brilliant people who are busy changing the way Business Intelligence is done, but we are always looking for new talent. Are you eager to put your mark on the face of an industry? Then reach out, and let us know!

Quarrio has used AI technologies (natural language processing & machine learning) to create the engine that enables natural language querying and analytics of structured and semi-structured data sources. We are seeking new members (especially programmers) to join our team. Our compensation plan is completely transparent and we are happy to share it once we establish mutual interest.

We are different

We don’t look for stars, we just reach for them.

We seek people willing to work hard, constantly learn new stuff and who are diligent and dependable. People who perform at their peak because they care and constantly strive to improve. Our current team is truly world class and we plan on maintaining that standard as we grow.

We are a company of experience; age and background matters little to us, experience and commitment do. While our team members have deep knowledge, they also love learning; they know multiple languages and operating systems, are familiar with many others and have learned new ones as needed for our product.


Click through our tabs above to become more familiar with Quarrio, then contact Miki Saxon to learn more:

Miki Saxon
or call her at: (360) 335-8054
for more information and to discuss the opportunities.

We need:

If you want to join a global team where you can make a difference, learn, work with great people and travel, look no further. We are looking for great people to join our team, both in technical and administrative positions. Some of the technical functions we are filling are NLP, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Java, Vertical Databases, AWS, QA, Testing, Agile/Scrum, Technical Writers, Accountant, HR, IOS Dev, Open Stack Dev, and UI/UX, among others. On the administrative side, we are looking for people in accounting, HR, office management and other positions.

If you have 3+ years of experience, have shown independent drive to expand your skills and are looking for a challenging opportunity in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Colombia, Lithuania, Peru, Hungary, and Serbia, etc, consider joining us. We are adding new locations all the time.

Please send your resume with technology and location in the subject line to

We care about:

Your Attitude

Fit with Quarrio’s Culture

We do not care about:

If your experience comes from a formal background, working/OJT experience, self-taught at home or different tech background, but a strong desire to branch out.

Where you live (our current team includes Seattle)

Your age, race, sexual orientation etc. etc.

One or another of our current team has faced and overcome every prejudice that is/was active in the workplace.

First and foremost, we care about getting the work done, so by hiring your mind and attitude as opposed to your body and proximity we have the luxury of finding talent that many companies miss. For example,

Wounded warriors and others with disabilities.

Minorities, extraterrestrials included

Mothers re-entering the workforce

“Old” people 🙂


People with no interest in relocating to Berkeley or the Bay Area


Please look at our openings, and if you don’t see a match, heck – send your resume in anyway!

Our Culture

Quarrio’s philosophy is one of CARE. The basic principle is that any organization – our own, customers or partners – are comprised of individuals. Care for the individual is central to our success. We value collaboration and an open flow of information, cherish good ideas, and strive for quality. Built from a strong focus on individual productivity, our people are self-starters that take great pride in their work and understand how their personal efforts contribute directly to the success of the company as a whole. For a small company, we are tremendously international with people interacting on a daily basis with persons of different cultural, racial and philosophical backgrounds. Acceptance, tolerance and understanding are qualities that are necessary to excel in this environment.

We Believe:

The function of a business is to attract and serve customers and to turn a profit. Those three functions are what it needs to stay alive and have any kind of purpose. Some would say that this means that we exist in a competitive environment; we believe that we are creators and therefore never have to compete. We innovate, create and invent the best products for customers, and support them in their businesses. We exist to profitably create the best products for our customers. The best product is the one that best addresses their perceived needs, enables them to accomplish their goals and for which they are willing to pay.

We function best as an organization when our goals are clearly defined and all activities and results are measured against these. Our employees invest in Quarrio achieving its objectives and we expect our managers to nurture this attitude. Managers are accessible and provide all the information needed for their employees to understand the company, industry and how to perform their work as efficiently and effectively as possible. We foster and work with our employees to help them grow and achieve both personal and career goals.

Quarrio has no time or tolerance for “the blame game” or for “killing the messenger.” We recognize that mistakes may happen, but that the real damage is that of covering them up, since this prevents learning and corrective measures. When our people make mistakes it means they are trying and it is management’s responsibility to help them analyze what went wrong and ensure that it is corrected. This is true at every level of the company.

Quarrio has no time or tolerance for politics. We believe that control is the primary source of political power in an organization and that there are only two things worth controlling—information and money. Our money is constructively controlled by budgets. But information is the lifeblood of our organization. Therefore, anyone trying to curb or control the flow of information will be viewed as being obstructively political and in violation of Quarrio’s culture.

Quarrio, at your service

With Quarrio you can focus on what matters, your job.
Because we do the hard work of answering
your tough questions.

Quarrio, the leader in sales analytics

Welcome in, we’ve been waiting

Our list of collaborators is growing, we would love to work with you.
Simply fill  out the form below and we will be in touch soon.



1474 University Ave.
Suite 107
Berkeley, CA 94702
1525 Religious Street
New Orleans, LA 70130


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