The Quarrio Cognitive Conversational Engine TM for Enterprise

Quarrio is moving beyond “pretty pictures” and completely re-designing Business Intelligence and reporting. Quarrio understands that business users want answers to questions, but don’t want to be analysts or report writers.

Why Quarrio?

Intelligence begins with a question

Quarrio is the first Intelligent Agent for Enterprise. Quarrio’s conversational interface enables you to get information from Salesforce in seconds. Give your sales team the power of instant knowledge and your IT team the freedom to stop wasting their valuable time on ad-hoc reports.

Get Started in just Seconds

Quarrio is designed to connect to Salesforce in seconds. Sign up, sign-in and start asking questions. You’ll get information on your opportunities, leads and customers in record time.

  • Connect to Salesforce in seconds
  • Control access for multiple users
  • Full enterprise-grade data security

Increase productivity with real-time access to information

Quarrio gives sales people the freedom to get information from Salesforce by simply asking questions. Quarrio eliminates the need of waiting for system administrators to create “yet another custom report”.

  • Ask questions, and get instant data from Salesforce
  • Charts & tables automatically displayed
  • Export information to XLS or TXT

Filter data in seconds

Quarrio’s conversational approach lets you ask follow-up questions that expand on the previous answer. “How many opportunities did we close yesterday” can be followed up with “how many of those were over 100K?”

  • Get to the information you need in seconds
  • Filter data in simple natural language

Dashboards as Easy as Sticking a Pin

See a question that you want to save for access tomorrow? Pin it! Quarrio lets you create a dashboard of your most important answers quickly and easily – without a dashboarding system.

  • Pin answers to get updates instantaneously every time you log in
  • Save questions as favorites that you can access in seconds

Freedom for business users and IT

Quarrio provides business users with instant access to information. It gives your IT staff the freedom to focus on important projects by not having to worry about delivering ad-hoc reports and searches.

  • Free IT from tedious daily reporting tasks
  • Focus IT resources on bigger projects like data quality
  • Give sales real-time access to information in simple, intuitive ways

SIIA Award

2014 Nextgen™ overall award winner
2014 Nextgen™ most disruptive winner.

In July of 2014 the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) presented its NextGen™ awards for Big Data. SIIA chose to bestow the “Most Disruptive,” and the “Overall Winner” awards to Quarrio Corporation.


Because, in the words of one of the judges, Quarrio provided “… great technology that allows users to move away from confusing dashboards…”

Incubated by Salesforce

Chosen as premier from hundreds of AI startups

Quarrio was selected to join the inaugural Salesforce Incubator program, part of Salesforce’s efforts to collaborate with high potential startups working on developing products targeted at the enterprise software market. As a consequence of Quarrio’s experienced team of artificial intelligence experts, Quarrio’s CEO was chosen to become a mentor to companies in the 2nd cohort focused on Salesforce Einstein and artificial intelligence. Quarrio has deep relationships with Salesforce and members of the Salesforce ecosystem.

The Product

Quarrio is designed to automatically connect to your Salesforce database and help your sales team be more productive. We understand that you may have custom deployment needs, such as Salesforce tables and fields, that you need to support. Not a problem — we are here to help.

Service in Software


Quarrio is incredibly easy to use. Your Quarrio deployment comes with a complimentary onboarding session for your entire team. We walk you through usage, best practices, and answer any questions you may have. Need more training? No problem, we are always here to help.

Support for Custom Objects

Quarrio is very powerful right out of the box. However you may have custom Salesforce objects and fields that hold critical information. We'll work with you to estimate the effort necessary to add full support for your custom tables and fields. Just reach out to us.

Ongoing support

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our customer success managers and support professionals are on standby to answer your questions and give you tips on usage. Best of all, everything is included in the price of your subscription.

About Us

Do you want to help us change the world of data and Business Intelligence? Whether it’s to use our software or to work for us, get in touch! Let’s change the world together.

The Quarrio Team

Our team includes

  • The former Global Head of R&D for IBM (also founder of the Watson Group)
  • Former Assoc. Director of Stanford Research Institute's AI Labs, co-founder of Symantec, co-founder of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence
  • The woman who created the web search and AI groups for both PayPal and Salesforce
  • The person who created & managed the digital economy for Linden Labs' Second Life
  • Leading the team is a serial entrepreneur with a global track record (recognized by the United Nations as Entrepreneur of the Year)

Leadership Team

KG Charles-Harris


  • United Nations Entrepreneur of the Year, 2000
  • Founded, scaled and sold several startups
  • Former investment banker

James E Cates

EVP, Technology & Architecture

  • IBM Global Head of R&D (fmr)
  • Founder of Watson Group
  • CIO (fmr) SGI, Altera, Synopsys

Dr. Earl Sacerdoti

Chief Scientist

  • Co-founder, Symantec
  • Co-founder, American Association for Artificial Intelligence
  • Assoc. Dir. Artificial Intelligence @ Stanford Research Institute

Dr. Volkmar Scharf-Katz

VP of Engineering

  • Chief Data Scientist @ Nanthealth
  • Chief IP Networks/VOIP @ Vodafone
  • 2 PhDs; U of Ilmenau & Stanford University

Walter Paliska

VP of Marketing

  • VP of Marketing at EMANIO
  • 6 Startups, 3 successful exits
  • Led award-winning product teams

Clayton Porscha

VP of Sales

  • Grew 3 companies from $0—$24 million in 24 months
  • Expert at process driven sales & biz dev

Board / Advisors

Susan Kimberlin

  • Head of Search Technology
  • PayPal Head of Search Technology
  • Investor/Advisor @ multiple startups

Erin Rand

  • COO @ ServiceRocket
  • Expert at scaling high growth tech companies
  • Advisor to several startups

Christopher Colosi

  • Expert in digital currencies & economies
  • Created & managed Linden Labs Second Life economy
  • Founder of Gloe

Amazingly Affordable

Quarrio is not just the easiest business intelligence platform you’ve ever seen, it’s also one of the most affordable. For the price of a laptop you can free 100 business users from tedious ad-hoc reports.

  • Ask questions in plain English
  • Ask follow up questions to filter data
  • Get tables and charts automatically
  • “Pin” answers to create instant dashboards
  • Save questions as favorites for easy one-click access
  • Export questions to XLS for offline use
  • Access from your desktop, tablet or smart phone
  • Enterprise-grade security you can trust
  • Reduce workload for your IT staff and redeploy expensive reporting resources
  • One low price for multiple user access

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