Intelligence Begins
With a Question

Quarrio puts the power of information at your fingertips in seconds. Interact with data by simply asking questions and having conversations. Faster decisions, easier access to information, less time wasted waiting.

Use Conversations to Get Meaning From Data

Quarrio changes how users get value and meaning from data by using the power of language. Ask questions, engage in conversations and use the power of words to get data, charts, tables and information.

Save Time with Conversations

Leverage the power of language to get information. Ask questions and get charts, tables and information – in seconds

Don’t Waste Time Waiting for Setup

Quarrio is FAST. Get set up in record time. Connect to your data and get started

Information Access on Any Device

Desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile – Quarrio can work with anywhere to give you complete mobility and freedom

Make Any Data Easily Accessible

Quarrio automatically converts questions to SQL and NoSQL code – so it can access just about any data source

Built for Business People, not IT

Enterprise analytics & data access

Quarrio moves beyond “voice search” and gives business users the value of time. Get access to information from your data in fractions of a second. Stop waiting for your IT team to create another custom report and use conversations to drive sales, marketing or customer success.

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Engage Smart Consumers

IOT & Smart City Enablement

Smart cities use IOT technology as the backbone of a new interconnected citizen and city infrastructure. Quarrio provides a seamless language-based interface as the information access layer to any SmartCity.

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Financial Information For Everyone

The Conversational UI for Financial Services

Liberate personnel from monster spreadsheets and hours searching the web for stats—let them get instant and accurate information and analytics from various data sources by simply asking questions in plain English.

Remove customers’ frustration with dumb chat bots—enable consumers to ask questions on any of the information in their accounts, and products and receive immediate and accurate answers from plain language questions

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Award Winning Technology


SIIA Award

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) presented Quarrio with its NextGen TM award for Big Data and chose to bestow the "Most Disruptive," and the "Overall Winner" awards to Quarrio.


Incubated by Salesforce

Chosen as premier from hundreds of Al startups

Quarrio was selected to join the inaugural Salesforce Incubator program, part of Salesforce's efforts to collaborate with high potential startups working on developing products targeted at the enterprise software market.

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