Embrace Certainty, Leave Hallucinations Behind

Quarrio is semantic, deterministic AI software that integrates with any structured enterprise data source to generate instant, accurate answers to plain English questions.

Conversational Interface

Engage with data using plain English. Delve deeper by asking follow-on questions.

Connected to Data Sources

Instantly extract data. No assistance required.

Ready to Use

Simple setup. Requires zero prior knowledge of data structures.

Quarrio AI

  • Accurate

    Provides answers that are consistently 100% accurate and drawn from underlying data.

  • Explainable

    Paraphrase indicates how code is generated and provides the AI's interpretation of your query.

  • Verifiable

    Use audit trails to validate the accuracy of the AI’s responses and procedures.

  • 100% Privacy

    PCII-DSC and SOC 2 compliant, safeguarding against data breaches, etc. No data leaks or model training on user data​.

"What's significant about what we do is that it’s accurate."


Precision Over Probability

Quarrio goes beyond probabilistic processing. The AI has semantic comprehension and processing which ensures accurate calculations and deterministic computations

No Errors

No Errors

Quarrio’s accuracy is verifiable via paraphrases and audit trails.

No Bias

No Bias

Only source data is used to compute accurate answers, eliminating dataset-based distortions or biases.

No Hallucinations

No Hallucinations

No guesswork or information fabrication; all computations are deterministic and reliable.

Access the power to query data from any source

Start using Quarrio in just a few weeks

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