Quarrio Makes Big Data Accessible To Everyone

Quarrio liberates users from the tedium of waiting for reports and custom data searches – all your data accessible the way you want: through conversations.

Intelligent conversations

Quarrio is the ultimate evolution of the voice interface

Go beyond simply “searching” for reports or simple calculations with a conversational interface that lets you access and understand all your data by just asking questions. Go as deep as you want with conversations since Quarrio retains contextual relevance.

Dynamic Query Model

Quarrio is the World’s first Natural Language Powered Query engine

Quarrio creates SQL and NoSQL queries “on the fly.” It takes questions and creates queries that are executed in real time. No more waiting or someone to “train” the system, Quarrio learns and understands patterns.

100% Graphical

Quarrio presents data the way it makes the most sense – automatically

Answers, charts, tables – Quarrio automatically creates the right data visualization based on what’s being asked and what data is returned.

Pin answers

Quarrio lets you “pin” answers and the data is updated automatically each time you log in. It’s like dashboards meet Pinterest

Save favorite questions

Save questions to your favorites and re-ask them with just a single click.

Learn & adapt

Quarrio watches and learns. It’s built on a machine-learning architecture that recognizes your patterns and gets better with time

Data Source & Domain Independent

Quarrio has been designed to be 100% data source independent. It creates a normalization layer that makes it easy to adapt to just about any source.

Connect through Salesforce.com

Quarrio has been designed to work seamlessly with Salesforce.com. It supports custom objects and fields, making it easy to connect to just about any type of data and any type of data domain.

Build your own connections

Want to get more value by connecting directly to custom data sources? We can help. Our onboarding team can help you create connections to just about any data source or domain.

Keep your data secure

Quarrio is built on an enterprise-grade scalable architecture that is backed by some of the best security technology available and that can scale to petabytes of data. No matter how sophisticated your scenario, Quarrio can handle it. 

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