Companies Waste Money
Waiting For Data

How much time are your sales reps spending actually selling?

How long do they wait for custom Salesforce reports and searches that are critical to their success? According to Salesforce command and IDC:

  • The average sales rep spends 33% of their day researching.
  • 9% of a sales rep’s day is spent in Excel
  • Inefficient data management costs up to $17,000 per year


Voice-Powered, Chat-Based

Quarrio uses an instantly familiar chat interface.
Ask “Show me opportunities created last week” - and Quarrio instantly answers with a table of data. Follow with “Which ones are over 50% probability” and the table is redrawn to your demands - all in seconds. It’s fully responsive and can leverage your mobile device’s built-in voice recognition to convert speech to questions. In the office or on the road, Quarrio is your personal data analyst in your pocket.


Custom Objects Welcome

We know that some of your most valuable data is in the form of custom Salesforce objects.

That’s why Quarrio provides full support for your custom Salesforce data. Training Quarrio is simple and fast process - you won’t have to wait months before your implementation is done.

  • Full support for custom objects
  • Full support for company specific terminology and concepts

Add Your Own Data With CSVs

Quarrio presents data the way it makes the most sense – automatically

With Quarrio, adding support for your own data is as simple as importing a CSV file. Ask questions about your data, perform column calculations, all as quickly and easily as typing a question.


Great For Both Sales & IT Operations

Quarrio is powered by a Neural-network-enalbed, learning system with a Natural Language Interface. Quarrio converts “show me opportunities closing this month” into a query that Salesforce understands - and returns data, tables and charts, always accurate, always up to date. And Quarrio is also great for IT and sales operations.

  • Data professionals waste as much as 20% of their day re-creating existing assets
  • Quarrio frees your IT and sales operations staff from reduandant reports and ad-hoc searches

Get Started In Record Time

Quarrio connects to your Salesforce account in seconds. We do the hard work of connecting and prepping your data - automatically.

Quarrio automatically connects to Salesforce in seconds.
Quarrio learns as you keep using it.

The Intelligent Agent For Enterprise

Quarrio is a revolutionary intelligent agent that uses the power of Conversational Analytics to help sales reps and managers get information from Salesforce.

  • Ask questions, get answers, tables & charts - in seconds
  • Ask follow-up questions to filter and expand your data

Award-Winning, Incubated By Salesforce

Quarrio has been getting recognition and praise before it’s even shipped. That’s why it was named overall winner as well as “most disruptive” as early as 2014 by the Software Information Industry Association. We were also selected for the inaugural Salesforce Incubator program, part of Salesforce’s efforts to collaborate with high- potential startups.


Trying Is Believing

Give us 15 minutes and we’ll change the way you think about Salesforce reporting and managing your sales team. Just reach out to us for a free demo at info@quarrio.com and get ready to be amazed. Then talk to us about our exclusive early customer offers, and see how you can benefit from the power of the World’s most advanced intelligent agent for Enterprise.

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